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Yesterday, our Junior Senator, Johnny Isakson, met with Supreme Court Nominee Elana Kagan. While overall upbeat, and stating he doesn’t “ever prejudge these situations,” he proceeded to prejudge the situation.

Georgia’s junior senator said he has concerns about Kagan’s lack of judicial experience and her previous stance on military recruiting on college campuses…

Judicial Experience was not really such an issue in looking at Harriett Miers.

Sen. Isakson is up for re-election. It may be time to starting thinking whether this is a Senator who will represent all of us, or remain in lockstep with the party of “Hell No.”


So, the GOP has blocked the motion to open debate on financial reform. They won’t even talk about it. This is related to Georgia because both Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson joined in this vote. They feel so safe in their seats that they will side with the banks against their own constituents.

So, when you talk with your conservative friends (I know you have them if you live in Georgia), and they mention that they will “remember in November,” ask them if they will remember this when Senators Chambliss and Isakson come up for re-election. In fact, Senator Isakson comes up this November. Remember in November, indeed!