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Once again, another state has shown itself to be more backward than Georgia. And, once again, Georgia conservatives are bound and determined to show who can stride furthest back in history.

Arizona passed a law in which law enforcement officers must ask anyone whom they are “reasonably” suspicious of being an illegal immigrant for their ID or immigration papers. What passes for “reasonable” is not listed, but it is difficult for this not to be seen as racial profiling. If you speak around an officer with an accent, or have a certain shade of skin, the police not only can ask you for your”papers, please,” they are bound to do it by law. Racial profiling is now the law of the land in Arizona.

Now, Nathan Deal, GOP front runner for the governor’s seat to be vacated by Sonny Purdue, wants to to the same thing. Even prominent conservatives, such as Tom Ridge, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham and Tom Tancredo have issues with this law.

So, Georgia, we have choices. Does the GOP nominate a man who advocates a blatantly racist law, or does it continue to stride into a 21st century which acknowledges civil rights for all Georgians. If the GOP gos for the former, are we going to let this speak for us to the rest of the country? Arizona is already the target of numerous boycotts. Georgia cannot take being boycotted by the rest of the nation and by other nations. A state in the red must reject this and look to comprehensive immigration reform as the real answer.